Not Homesick

I can’t say I ever really got homesick in the traditional sense. A yearning to go back. It was not that I did not miss those at home, but rather that I was really enjoying all the new experiences. But I did have a couple things similar to homesickness.

First there was a day where I had enough of the Versaillese. They are not the most welcoming people in the world and something really got me down about it. So I rebelled against it and dressed up in the most un-bourgeouis garb I had. Black leather jacket, bandana on my head, Chuck Taylors, and earrings. Nothing too extreme. Then loaded my walkman and blasted industrial music during a walk through the city.

The other thing was ongoing. I had a yearning to share all of this with people close to me. And for them to love and enjoy it as much as I did. To share it on a level that we could make inside jokes. That kind of closeness. Unfortunately I wasn’t close to anyone who came along on the program and I never really did connect with anyone of the level of friends and family back home. With the exception of my roommate Robin, but we never travelled together and we came from fairly different backgrounds. But that ability to share the experience was really missing. It was really something I yearned for.

I guess that is why I am so excited to finally recount much of that time here. Family and friends can read it as their time and interest dictates. Plus there are many others out there that may find this interesting also. I’ve already had quite a bit of feedback by people I have met and others that I haven’t.


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